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In The Jungle / Iron Fist
Slimzos Recordings
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November 20, 2017

Trends heads up the hugely anticipated return of the legendary Slimzos Recordings, the first 12" from the imprint since 2005 !!!

DJ Slimzee is an absolute legend of the underground, not only is he one (if not the) best London DJ that club music has ever seen, he was a member of the foundational grime crew Pay As U Go Cartel alongside Wiley, Geeneus GodsGift, Major Ace & many more of the first grime wave's most influential artists, he also went on to co-found Rinse FM.

His mixes and radio sessions are the thing of legend, with people still pouring over forums and YouTube links begging for track IDs from the mountains of dubplates that he used to deploy in some of the most strikingly original and uniquely exciting DJ sets since the earliest days of hardcore.

Despite only running for three years and racking up eight releases, the spread of tunes and artists is jaw dropping; Plasticman (not Richie by the way), DJ Oddz, Geeneus, Macabre Unit & Starfox. All currently fetching high-rise prices on the online second-hand stalls.

Fast-FWD to the present day and Slimzee has decided to answer our prayers and use his hugely knowledgeable and highly respected status as the Godfather of Grime to revive Slimzos, and what a return to form it is. While Trends may be a new name to those not fully immersed in the scene, his two tracks 'In The Jungle' & 'Iron Fist' come with as much fire and ferociousness as anything doing the rounds back in 2002.

Laden with all of the trademark minimalism that defines the grime sound, In The Jungle's drums hit hard and fast with a skeletal DNB feel, yet locked onto a sharp motorik bassline that is begging for prime time, pirate play deployment. Iron Fist carries a 10 tons heavy start/stop hydraulics and clipped bars before being swallowed whole by the sickest bassline this side of the down-the-front subs of an OG Eskimo dance.

The stuff of legend...

Digital Track List

  1. 1 In The Jungle 4:08 Buy
  2. 2 Iron Fist 4:09 Buy


Slimzos Recordings

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