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Simon Fisher Turner
Editions Mego
Catalogue Number
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February 2017

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Vienna experimental platform Editions Mego welcome British composer Simon Fisher Turner to the label. The work of his four decades spanning career includes the soundtrack for David Lynch's Nadja, playing the clarinet in a sinfonia orchestra as well as countless solo releases under several different aliases, some of which endorsed by the likes of John Peel (King of Luxembourg), with the latest released on Mute.

Giraffe conflates electronic patterns with mysterious environmental noises. Utilising widely available technology - a portable hard disc recorder and smartphone - to capture these sonic environments, Turner adds a sense of haptic to his musical structures. Sharp, high-frequency noises evoke eeriness in the oscillating drone of 'Into Bush', while a metallic clacking beautifully disrupts the shimmering patterns of 'Hope Swims'. Vocal fragments of human mouth acrobatics, as applied on 'Clean Shapes' and 'Shine Up', have both terrifying and amusing effects. Turner's wizardry emerges from creating the tension between these poles.

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  1. 1 Into Bush 4:38 Simon Fisher Turner Buy
  2. 2 Clean Page 2:43 Simon Fisher Turner Buy
  3. 3 Hope Swims 4:05 Simon Fisher Turner Buy
  4. 4 Burnt In 3:48 Simon Fisher Turner Buy
  5. 5 Tight Stops 2:17 Simon Fisher Turner Buy
  6. 6 Move More 1:23 Simon Fisher Turner Buy
  7. 7 Shine Up 1:15 Simon Fisher Turner Buy
  8. 8 Full Stop 1:04 Simon Fisher Turner Buy
  9. 9 Save As 4:46 Simon Fisher Turner Buy
  10. 10 Mud Larks 2:12 Simon Fisher Turner Buy
  11. 11 Trail Mix 1:01 Simon Fisher Turner Buy
  12. 12 Stem Jars 1:42 Simon Fisher Turner Buy
  13. 13 Slight Smile 8:27 Simon Fisher Turner Buy
  14. 14 Colour Fullness 3:29 Simon Fisher Turner Buy

Simon Fisher Turner

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