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Mohammad Ali Jinnah
Mohammad Ali Jinnah
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January 2017
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Staalplaat continue the vitally crucial work reissuing material from the vaults of Muslimgauze with Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Sharing a slight overlap of tracks with Sarin Israel Nes Ziona (2002, Staalplaat) Mohammad Ali Jinnah is built from material submitted to Staalplaat around that times release. As with every Staalplaat reissue of Muslimgauze treasure the sounds found within sound quite unlike anything Muslimgauze, or anyone else for that matter! has created. We are not going into great detail describing each track, as they have pretty much left us speechless.

For instant action though it has to be Opulent Maghrebi Meze, imagine Russell Haswell producing Basic Channel and you are on the right path.

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  1. 1 Kurds Eye view. 5:23 Muslimgauze Buy
  2. 2 Imam fainted. 4:11 Muslimgauze Buy
  3. 3 Burnt Pages of Ali Jinnah Koran. 7:36 Muslimgauze Buy
  4. 4 Rafia in Her Voluminous Black Tent. 7:31 Muslimgauze Buy
  5. 5 Yousif water pipe habit. 5:05 Muslimgauze Buy
  6. 6 Opulent Maghrebi Meze. 5:45 Muslimgauze Buy
  7. 7 Cold Turkey. 3:39 Muslimgauze Buy
  8. 8 Because he had a mustache and beard, they thought he was an Arab. 3:42 Muslimgauze Buy
  9. 9 Abu Kaff, your guide around a west bank Bedouin Shack. 3:22 Muslimgauze Buy
  10. 10 Abdullah Kosher Halal. 2:17 Muslimgauze Buy
  11. 11 Bleu box of Zaffarool Goudarzi. 2:18 Muslimgauze Buy
  12. 12 Zahir Din, Cabdriver of Zind. 2:30 Muslimgauze Buy
  13. 13 Indo Muslem Atlas. 1:53 Muslimgauze Buy
  14. 14 For Larger Iran 7:24 Muslimgauze Buy
  15. 15 Hazarajat. 2:01 Muslimgauze Buy


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