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Utterly flooring compilation of electronic and contemporary music from Brazil recorded between 1978-1992.

John Gomez, who wrote the inspirational liner notes for Music from Memory’s retrospective Suso Saiz compilation, presents the end result of months of hard work and dedication. Showcasing his talent for a unique type of cultural archaeology, Gomez collates seventeen recordings from the fringes of Brazil’s rich musical tapestry and brings new life to a pivotal point in the history of the Amazon. Most of the music on Outro Tempo comes from a time when the majority of Brazilian musicians scorned the use of synthesisers and digital technology for fear of MPB traditions being lost in convergence, pushing those who disagreed to revolve around the visionary philosophy of Egberto Gismonti. More than just a talented musician, Gismonti acted as an educator and a figure of support for those who wished to challenge their countries sonic conventions. The meditative compositions of the anthropologist Priscilla Ermel meet the ‘future-jazz’ of guitar player Nando Carneiro, whilst the conceptual group Os Mulheres take us into a Residents-esque world of technological fantasy. Experimental folk stylings from Bene Fonteles cross paths with the private press DX-7 wonder of Sergio Souto’s ‘Kiua’, sung by Andrea Daltro. Truly one of the greatest compilations of recent times, both for its prime musical coherence and its sociologically contextual liner notes.

Incredible work as always from Music From Memory.

  1. 1 O Sol Na Janela 5:09 Piry Reis Buy
  2. 2 G.R.E.S. Luxo Artesanal / O Camponês 6:13 Nando Carneiro Buy
  3. 3 Sem Teto 3:01 Cinema Buy
  4. 4 Só Quero Um Xodó 3:37 Os Mulheres Negras
  5. 5 Amanhecer Tabajara (À Alceu Valença) 4:02 Fernando Falcao Buy
  6. 6 Por Quê 4:54 Anno Luz Buy
  7. 7 Kiuá 5:51 Andrea Daltro Buy
  8. 8 Mãoscolorida 3:52 Os Mulheres Negras
  9. 9 O M M 3:23 Bene Fonteles Buy
  10. 10 Giramundo 2:47 Carlinhos Santos Buy
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