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Street Halo/Kindred
Street Halo/Kindred
Catalogue Number
Release Date
January 2017

Limited repress of Burial's Japanese Street Halo/Kindred CD, limited copies only! Here's what we said upon its original release back in 2012:

"One-off limited CD pressing compiling the 2 most recent Hyperdub EPs from the mystery man - 'Street Halo' and 'Kindred'. Produced in Japan for their domestic market, we will be getting a handful of imports of this CD. Previously not released on CD, these 6 tracks clock in at 50 minutes, packaged in full size jewel case with Japanese obi-strip overlay. An essential purchase for all Burial fans...

'Street Halo' is swarming with that crackle and hiss, spectral far-off rhythms punctuating the gloom, whilst 'NYC' is a skulk through dank 2-step-caverns, the timestretch Burial vox always there. Finally 'Stolen Dog' is a beautiful exercise in handsome beat-minimalism. Kindred', reveals itself under a shroud of distortion, virtuous-sounding vocals loosely elevating themselves over terse motorik bass and percussion. 'Loner' begins with a tense temperament yet soon picks the pace up a notch or two with a quick shuffling rhythm and oscillating synths, a half-way point pause providing respite and reflection. 'Ashtray Wasp' closes things with a sombre and contemplative gambit, driving rhythms pushing forward and crystalline touches adding light to a distortion-heavy freefall."

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  1. 1 Street Halo 0:40 Burial
  2. 2 NYC 0:45 Burial
  3. 3 Stolen Dog 0:38 Burial
  4. 4 Kindred 1:08 Burial
  5. 5 Loner 0:44 Burial
  6. 6 Ashtray Wasp 1:10 Burial


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