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Music Is Rotted One Note
Music Is Rotted One Note
Catalogue Number
Release Date
October 1998

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Fully embracing the jazz fusion that had influenced a bulk of his previous work, Squarepusher embraced the freeform nature of experimental jazz electronica on this LP by rejecting all sequencing and sampling for the more unlimited styles of the non-digital. Widely seen as a standout LP of the 1990s, tracks like Circular Flexing and Theme From A Vertical Hold showcase a truly unique class of electronic musicianship. Crafting a modern classic and incorporating elements of drum n bass and jungle into what is essentially an instrumentally led LP.

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  1. 1 Chunk-S 2:20 Squarepusher Buy
  2. 2 Don't Go Plastic 4:20 Squarepusher Buy
  3. 3 Dust Switch 4:28 Squarepusher Buy
  4. 4 Curve 1 2:06 Squarepusher Buy
  5. 5 137 (Rinse) 3:45 Squarepusher Buy
  6. 6 Parallelogram Bin 2:24 Squarepusher Buy
  7. 7 Circular Flexing 4:57 Squarepusher Buy
  8. 8 Ill Descent 2:37 Squarepusher Buy
  9. 9 My Sound 6:07 Squarepusher Buy
  10. 10 Drunken Style 0:45 Squarepusher Buy
  11. 11 Theme From Vertical Hold 4:25 Squarepusher Buy
  12. 12 Ruin 1:56 Squarepusher Buy
  13. 13 Shin Triad 2:26 Squarepusher Buy
  14. 14 Step 1 1:46 Squarepusher Buy
  15. 15 Last Ap Roach 4:00 Squarepusher Buy


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