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Extract from Field Recording Archive
Toshiya Tsunoda
Extract from Field Recording Archive
Catalogue Number
Release Date
December 2016
35 Tracks
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Curated by Lorenzo Senni, Presto!? have spent the past eight years releasing fiercely independent non-music and natural sound compositions from their base in Milan. P028 collates all sorts of sonic oddities from the Japanese artist Toshiya Tsunoda, including ‘Bottle at mountain road’ and an array of ‘Air Vibration’ recordings. These are true to form, long and meditative pieces which (we imagine) would help cure even the toughest insomnia. ‘Ship Passing’ is our favourite, perhaps for its overt imagery. Whether deep into the world of field recordings or not, we’re sure these will appeal for the starkly descriptive titles alone.

  1. 1 Solid Vibration from the Concrete Pavement of a Wharf Where the Fish Market Used to Be Held 11:31 Toshiya Tsunoda Buy
  2. 2 Solid Vibration of a Glass Bottle in a Ship Anchorage 8:03 Toshiya Tsunoda Buy
  3. 3 Air Vibration of the Hollow Part in the Middle of a Buoy Used for Large Ships 10:54 Toshiya Tsunoda Buy
  4. 4 Air Vibration in a Bent Pipe 5:26 Toshiya Tsunoda Buy
  5. 5 Solid Vibration of a Steel Plate in a Loading Area 6:39 Toshiya Tsunoda Buy
  6. 6 Solid Vibration of a Support Pillar for the External Unit of a Large Refrigerator 6:47 Toshiya Tsunoda Buy
  7. 7 Solid Vibration of the Surface of Small Breakwater 11:03 Toshiya Tsunoda Buy
  8. 8 Air Vibration of an Elevator Motor Room in Stairwell 13:49 Toshiya Tsunoda Buy
  9. 9 Bottle at Mountain Road 16:54 Toshiya Tsunoda
  10. 10 Bottle at Park 4:50 Toshiya Tsunoda Buy
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Experimental and Noise

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