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Fitness Check
C Powers
Fitness Check
Niche 'N Bump
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November 2016

C Powers was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He lives in Savannah, Georgia. He is resident DJ for "performance art drag collective" House Of Gunt. He has also been resident DJ at clubnights Cape Fear in Savannah, Hunger in Atlanta and No Pain In Pop in London. He works in a library and is cat dad to Peppers, Bucchi, and Baby D.

His releases include the Oysters EP for Proper Trax in 2015 and the Up Neck EP for CGI Records in 2014. He produced the single 'Crow' for the group 18+ (from their album Trust) as well as songs on their album Collect.

Fitness Check shows C Powers's experience as a DJ as well as his growth as a producer. From the drum programs to the arrangements, it's obvious that the EP was written and produced by someone who can work a dancefloor. On 'Wysh', which he says is an "exit reaction" to "morose and morbid" techno, subliminal speech and warped vocal stabs transition from centered to alert. On 'Fresco' he dices and scatters a song over loops of itself, a technique he calls "a grey area between sampling and editing...I break it up into bits, resequence that shit then stuff that shit back into the track."

Js may get even more service from the 'Wysh Key Beats' and 'Fresco Beatapella' versions, which give jacking rhythm tracks and sub-bass extra room to do their thing. The heavily dubbed 'Ask Less Kick Beats', lighter on drums but with a booming bassline, may prove useful as a set-opener or closer.

The EP has been mastered for club play by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

Niche 'N Bump

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