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Stillness in Wonderland
Little Simz
Stillness in Wonderland
Age 101
Catalogue Number
Release Date
December 2016

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Currently gaining a lot of traction in underground circles, Little Simz knocks out the opposition with Stillness in Wonderland.

Built up out of fifteen tracks in a loosely formed mixtape style, Little Simz describes Stillness in Wonderland as "story of personal evolution, finding faith within and tackling self-doubt, embracing your instincts and letting your intuition steer you toward your personal paradise, whilst at the same time attempting to avoid the distractions,". On this journey, she builds in some seriously tight bars and flows that rightly cement her position at the top of the rap game.

Believe the hype on this one, stellar stuff.

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  1. 1 LMPD (feat. Chronixx) 4:03 Little Simz Buy
  2. 2 Cheshire's Interlude: Welcome To Wonderland 1:02 Little Simz Buy
  3. 3 Doorways + Trust Issues 4:13 Little Simz Buy
  4. 4 Her (Interlude) 1:57 Little Simz Buy
  5. 5 One In Rotation + Wide Awake (feat. SiR) 3:55 Little Simz Buy
  6. 6 Shotgun (feat. Syd) 3:08 Little Simz Buy
  7. 7 Picture Perfect 3:03 Little Simz Buy
  8. 8 Cheshire's Interlude: Misled 0:44 Little Simz Buy
  9. 9 King Of Hearts (feat. Chip + Ghetts) 3:32 Little Simz Buy
  10. 10 Bad To The Bone (feat. Bibi Bourelly) 3:15 Little Simz Buy
  11. 11 Zone 3 (feat. Tilla, Josh Arcé + Chuck20) 3:42 Little Simz Buy
  12. 12 Poison Ivy (feat. Tilla) 3:29 Little Simz Buy
  13. 13 Cheshire's Interlude: Stay 0:41 Little Simz Buy
  14. 14 Low Tides 4:00 Little Simz Buy
  15. 15 No More Wonderland 3:37 Little Simz Buy

Little Simz

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