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Jamie Lidell
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June 2005
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We present Jamie Lidell's new album Multiply. What electronic music is lacking," states Lidell with quiet confidence, " is just a cool song that's not trying to prove anything or compete in a sonic space race." Jamie has finally produced a set of delectable songs that highlight his myriad vocal talents with his electronic production wizardry that happily competes on a level playing field with any name producer you care to mention. The tracks acknowledge his strengths as a singer, fitting his voice like a soft glove; sometimes exuding a velvety voiced confidence, and other times admitting a brittle and very human frailty. "This time I just want to present my daytime face" Lidell concludes, "to bring on something that people might want to play when they wake up in the morning, or at a barbecue.

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  1. 1 You Got Me Up 1:48 Jamie Lidell Buy
  2. 2 Multiply 4:26 Jamie Lidell Buy
  3. 3 When I Come Back Around 5:28 Jamie Lidell Buy
  4. 4 A Little Bit More 3:06 Jamie Lidell Buy
  5. 5 What's The Use? 4:29 Jamie Lidell Buy
  6. 6 Music Will Not Last 3:29 Jamie Lidell Buy
  7. 7 Newme 4:07 Jamie Lidell Buy
  8. 8 The City 5:07 Jamie Lidell Buy
  9. 9 What Is It This Time? 3:05 Jamie Lidell Buy
  10. 10 Game For Fools 4:15 Jamie Lidell Buy

Jamie Lidell

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