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Kompakt CD 133 D
Release Date
February 2017
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Two years after the inception of their duo, Innervisions’ Marcus Worgull and Danilo Plessow of Motor City Drum Ensemble resume their collaborative efforts as Vermont, returning to Kompakt with their second full length. The soundscapes of Vermont II fall into line with 2014’s debut, but are of a more contemplative nature: the two house producers carve out an alternative identity as they step decisively out of the four to the floor frame to extend their reach into the field of experimental ambient electronica.

As a result of the pair’s improvising on analogue gear, the synth motifs appear in an intuitive call and response form. The dark nature of ’Skorbut’ or ‘Dschuna’ is balanced by the calming effects of Fender Rhodes chords which occur throughout (‘Unruh’, ‘Ufer’). The patterns of ‘Ki-Bou’ and the sparse arrangement of ‘Chemtrails’ almost seem stripped of their kick drums, snares and hi-hats. This creates the charged atmosphere of an intentional void, thus evoking the eeriness of machine aesthetics.

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  1. 1 Norderney 4:33 Vermont Buy
  2. 2 Dschuna 4:40 Vermont Buy
  3. 3 Gebirge 4:41 Vermont Buy
  4. 4 Demut 3:56 Vermont Buy
  5. 5 Ki-Bou 5:54 Vermont Buy
  6. 6 Hallo Von Der Anderen Seite 3:11 Vermont Buy
  7. 7 Ufer 4:01 Vermont Buy
  8. 8 Chanang 4:02 Vermont Buy
  9. 9 Wenik 2:40 Vermont Buy
  10. 10 Chemtrails 5:22 Vermont Buy
  11. 11 Skorbut 5:37 Vermont Buy
  12. 12 Langholmen 4:30 Vermont Buy
  13. 13 Unruh 4:00 Vermont Buy



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