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Ground and Figure
Ground and Figure
Editions Mego
Catalogue Number
Release Date
December 2016

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Further adventures into sound design techno from Yves De Mey & Peter Van Hoesen's Sendai project, using the album format to explore the relationship between the abstract and the danceable with the sort of production skills that leave other producers eating dust.

Every Sendai dispatch unfurls like some sort of far future film soundtrack, moving further from the realms of conventional 'techno', Ground and Figure finds the duo perfectly at home on Editions Mego. Much like the Aquapolo Sessions before it (SP033), Ground and Figure is another step further into the realms of abstract electronics that will find themselves perfectly at home in the basement clubs of Europe whilst also perfectly fitting into more classical arrangement surroundings.

Each track slowly builds itself up like some sort of self-manipulating robot, building up layers of armour before our very eyes. Elasticated rhythms and splashes of dub FX resonate then are quickly shut down by the sounds expertly crafted immense rhythmic grid.

If you like your electronics at an Untilted angle, then Sendai is the one 4 U.

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  1. 1 002 Archiefkwestie 10:19 Sendai Buy
  2. 2 Porter Swiss 5:21 Sendai Buy
  3. 3 Apopads 5:54 Sendai Buy
  4. 4 Perfect Boulevard Exclusive 4:41 Sendai Buy
  5. 5 Liveable Beams 5:03 Sendai Buy
  6. 6 Uit De Kluis 01 1:42 Sendai Buy
  7. 7 W180215Yves-PVH-R 3:09 Sendai Buy
  8. 8 Model Unit 5:21 Sendai Buy
  9. 9 Punctual Sleepy Soft Power 3:26 Sendai Buy
  10. 10 003 Archiefkwestie 5:49 Sendai Buy


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