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The first single from his upcoming Ninja Tune debut, Degreelessness, sees electronic music luminary Nathan Fake pair up with Prurient for an incredibly spiky yet unforeseen collab. These somewhat unlikely bedfellows come together with a track that comfortably bears the weight of their respective notoriety - by drawing upon the strengths of both artists it conflates two of the most unique voices in the electronic music sphere.

Revealing their similar approaches to rhythm and melody, their collaboration is a deeply engrossing voyage of dark electronic experimentalism. Ghostly disembodied traces of Purient’s voice, stained with synth, meander over a mutable and unstable ground of dub-delayed drums, always teetering on the brink of spiraling out of control. The piece becomes lost in its echoes, with the human voice emanating from the gaps in between. Now we Know, on the other side, returns to more of a conventional paradigm. Written and recorded in one afternoon, a single sample, Casio keyboard drums and FM synths were crushed onto cassette tape to produce a playful, traditional house track infused with a vintage feel.

  1. 1 DEGREELESSNESS 8:07 Nathan Fake featuring Prurient Buy
  2. 2 Now We Know 8:09 Nathan Fake Buy

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