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Hit And Run
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April 2016
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Tinnitus is as apt a title as you could get for this latest offering from L.A’s Zeroh, with all the tracks containing some kind of buzz, crackle or slightly discomforting hum. His style is redolent of a certain Gonjasufi – hazy vocals, creepy samples and generally loud sounds, though Zeroh’s style has a more west coast hip-hop/beats edge to it, one that emanates a low glowing light close to the chest. His wailing vocals on ‘Coves & Caves’ verge on the transcendent, though that’s abruptly disturbed by a well-timed burp. The rolling piano on ‘Blind’ is a welcomed break from the cacophony found on most other tracks. A moment of solace from the all engulfing haze that is Tinnitus.

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  1. 1 Alldayeverything 2:00 Zeroh
  2. 2 Sorted 1:15 Zeroh
  3. 3 Snakes 0:47 Zeroh
  4. 4 Gun Metal 2:00 Zeroh
  5. 5 My Beautiful New Age Nightmare 2:00 Zeroh
  6. 6 Crisis 0:53 Zeroh
  7. 7 Nindo 2:00 Zeroh
  8. 8 Coves & Caves 1:16 Zeroh
  9. 9 Blind 1:15 Zeroh
  10. 10 Faith 2:00 Zeroh

Hit And Run

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