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Sensory Memory
Kane Ikin
Sensory Memory
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October 2016
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Brilliant new Kane Ikin LP, moving between moody post-punk atmospheres and streamlined dub techno.

Capping off a vintage year Kane Ikan builds upon his Type and Latency issues with a mini-LP of polluted machine funk that sounds like a gritty instrumental jam between DVA Damas & HTRK. The drum machines call to mind the early 80s shoegaze slowness of classic JAMC, but the absence of vocals pinpoint this as a strictly techno affair, in the vein of Portion Reforms The Supreme Negative.

Time will tell, but this is sure to be a slow burner that is sure to gather much-warranted attention as the cold months roll on.

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  1. 1 Packet Loss 8:13 Kane Ikin Buy
  2. 2 Soft Gloss 4:25 Kane Ikin Buy
  3. 3 Slowburner 6:09 Kane Ikin Buy
  4. 4 Divagate 6:42 Kane Ikin Buy
  5. 5 Surrounded 5:52 Kane Ikin Buy
  6. 6 VGA Tracer 7:59 Kane Ikin Buy

Kane Ikin


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