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The Electronique Void (Black Noise Instrumentals)
Adrian Younge
The Electronique Void (Black Noise Instrumentals)
Linear Labs
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November 2016
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Adrian Younge calls The Electronique Void an academic album, by which he means it is both instructional and informational. The science of love, its formulas and if-then constraints, causal relationships and observable properties, is best taught experientially, but learning it hurts so, so bad. Music, especially electronic music, reliant as it is on abstraction and unrepentant as it is about hijacking your physiological responses to tempo and rhythm and dynamics, is a way to get there without going through it. Electronic music as practiced and developed by pioneers like Dick Hyman and Raymond Scott and Wendy Carlos is precise and intentional. In making his first electronic album, Younge took his cues from them, reminding a contemporary audience what a synthesizer, deep in its heart, really could be. This study of how music crafted with synthesizers can tap into raw human emotion is sure to excite long-time fans of Younge as well as devotees of electronic music. Adrian Younge now presents what is sure to be one of his most sought after instrumental releases, The Electronique Void: Black Noise Instrumentals..

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  1. 1 Black Noise (Interlude) Adrian Younge 0:23
  2. 2 The Night Adrian Younge 1:17
  3. 3 Fly Away Adrian Younge 2:00
  4. 4 Systems Adrian Younge 1:25
  5. 5 The Concept Of Love Adrian Younge 2:00
  6. 6 Voltage Controlled Orgasms Adrian Younge 1:22
  7. 7 Linguistics Adrian Younge 0:22
  8. 8 Black Noise Adrian Younge 1:08
  9. 9 Patterns Adrian Younge 2:00
  10. 10 Suicidal Love Adrian Younge 2:00

Adrian Younge

Linear Labs

Electronic and Electronica

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