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Andrew Hung
The Greasy Strangler
Lex Records
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March 20, 2020


Horror film soundtrack label Death Waltz mostly focus on reissuing classics by the likes of John Carpenter: with 2016’s The Greasy Strangler, they opt for a more recent film – but given how well the American horror comedy was received at the Sundance film festival, it already aspires to a similar cult status.

Composed by Fuck Buttons’ Andrew Hung, the diverse soundtrack complements the incalculable plot of a father-son duo serial killing while covered in grease. The film's greasiness is reflected in morphing textures, evoking associations with liquids of varying densities (take ‘Gulp!’s’ sawtooth pattern), while its 80s aesthetics are mirrored in chiptune vocals (‘Oily Grapefruit’) and plastic synths that sound like toy keyboards (‘Get On The Greasy’). A postmodern gibberish of 60s style psychedelia and goofy electronic pop, Hung uses children’s song melodies to create a perfidious universe of sounds, poignantly capturing the visuals' absurdity. Frighteningly catchy.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Brightly Coloured Pills 1:00 Buy

    Brightly Coloured Pills

  2. 2 Get on the Greasy 2:20 Buy

    Get on the Greasy

  3. 3 Go Home to My Bed 3:45 Buy

    Go Home to My Bed

  4. 4 Little Song 2:52 Buy
  5. 5 Make Love to Me Brayden 3:35 Buy

    Make Love to Me Brayden

  6. 6 Pottertoe 0:23 Buy
  7. 7 Gulp! 2:47 Buy
  8. 8 Oily Grapefruit 2:00 Buy

    Oily Grapefruit

  9. 9 Fizzy Barf (Mafia Mix) 2:56 Buy

    Fizzy Barf (Mafia Mix)

  10. 10 You Didn't Listen, Oh No 2:57 Buy

    You Didn't Listen, Oh No

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