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Haul & Pull Up EP1
Haul & Pull Up EP1
Jahmoni Music
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December 2016

DJ/Production duo with that name you’ve never been able to say correctly drop four new, bass heavy club ready tracks for DJ Marcelle affiliated label Jahmoni. Legendary grime MC Riko Dan flows over the EP opener, and sets the tone for the other three monsters to follow. Check ‘Siren Riddim’ for an uptempo instrumental grime bomb and Warrior Queen track ‘Killer’, whose title seems pretty fitting. Nice, well rounded record that’s sure to bring back great, if slightly hazy, memories of your student days if you grew up hearing these names out in the dance.

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  1. 1 Copper & Lead (feat Riko Dan) 0:26 Schlachthofbronx
  2. 2 Blurred Vision 0:30 Schlachthofbronx
  3. 3 Killer (feat Warrior Queen) 0:30 Schlachthofbronx
  4. 4 Siren Riddim 0:29 Schlachthofbronx


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Jahmoni Music

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