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Shedding the Past
Shedding the Past
The Final Experiment
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October 2016
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Electrifying long player from austere Berlin_Detroit Tonmeister Shed, who tunnels his way deep into ten tracks of heavy industrial techno. What you lucky folks get is pounding sub-bass kicks that pummel through vapourous synth lines, while melancholic atmospheres crumble against bone snapping, syncopated snare patterns and frazzled white noise bursts.

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  1. 1 Intro 1:07 Shed Buy
  2. 2 Boose-Sweep 7:03 Shed Buy
  3. 3 Another Wedged Chicken 7:07 Shed Buy
  4. 4 Flat Axe 7:23 Shed Buy
  5. 5 The Lower Upside Down 8:06 Shed Buy
  6. 6 Slow Motion Replay 7:19 Shed Buy
  7. 7 Waved Mind 4:12 Shed Buy
  8. 8 That Beats Everything! 5:49 Shed Buy
  9. 9 ITHAW 6:56 Shed Buy
  10. 10 Estrange 6:28 Shed Buy
  11. 11 Ostrich-Mountain-Square 2:52 Shed Buy
  12. 12 Sweep Dreams 7:48 Shed Buy


The Final Experiment

Dub Techno

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