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Imaginary Lines
Jonathan Fitoussi
Imaginary Lines
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November 2016
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Loopy ambient experiments from Parisian producer Jonathan Fitoussi. Fitoussi took inspiration from constellations and the imaginary lines and stories that we draw to make sense of the world. "With Imaginary Lines, I wanted to work with this idea as its core; on one hand geometrical and linear, like the shape of the constellations, characterized by the use of repetitive sequences, and on the other hand, through sections of improvised organ to evoke the more spiritual dimension, and l'invitation au voyage," he says. Worth a listen.

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  1. 1 Aquarius 6:51 Jonathan Fitoussi Buy
  2. 2 Triangulum 5:39 Jonathan Fitoussi Buy
  3. 3 Orion 4:43 Jonathan Fitoussi Buy
  4. 4 Oiseau de Paradis 5:24 Jonathan Fitoussi Buy
  5. 5 Andromede 6:00 Jonathan Fitoussi Buy
  6. 6 Cassiopee 6:58 Jonathan Fitoussi Buy

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