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Alone In Time? Remixed
Ø [Phase]
Alone In Time? Remixed
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October 2016
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Stripped back reworks from Regis & Ruskin, channelling some Sandwell District through the veins of Phase's original.

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Ø [Phase]'s 2015 album 'Alone in Time?' was the second LP in a remarkable line of releases on Token since 2007. Token65 is a retrospective tribute to the record, offering remixes of two of its tracks.

The utilitarian discord of R-Mash is remixed by James Ruskin & Karl O' Connor (Regis) under their recently-rekindled O/V/R collaboration. Their interpretation highlights the rattling percussion of the original and its juxtaposition with the tense and uneasy anti-harmony that emerges from its pulse.

On the other side, Ø [Phase] revisits the album's title piece. 'Alone in Time?' originally appeared as a restless arrangement, driven by its fluttering melody and bolstered by a damp, staggering kick. In its reimagined form, the track is forged into a solid construction for the dancefloor, with its impatient theme re-appearing as a delirious climax.

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  1. 1 R-Mash (O/V/R Mix) 7:03 Ø [Phase] Buy
  2. 2 Alone In Time? (Floor Mix) 7:44 Ø [Phase] Buy

Ø [Phase]


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