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Lorenzo Senni
Warp Records
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November 11, 2016


Rave Voyeur Lorenzo Senni follows a two-year release silence with the PointillisticT quantum trance of Persona, his debut EP for Warp. Housed inside a stylish sleeve design by Ed Atkins and adorned with a wide strip credit banner designed in homage to Californian hardcore imprint Revelation Records (mimicking the sleeve banners as used on their Japanese releases). Persona is the sound of 2016 and beyond; fibre optic high definition electronic patterns that come together to form a digital tzunami that goes a long way to proving that less truly is more.

Having started out with a few low key titles on his own fledgling Presto!? imprint (home to gems from other celestial club music deconstructionists inc. Palmistry, EVOL, Stingray, Theo Burt & Gábor Lázár) it wasn't until 2014s Mego album Quantum Jelly that Lorenzo really found his voice, coming just months after Mark Fell's Sentielle Objectif Actualité and weeks before Lee Gamble's Diversions 1994-1996, Quantum Jelly appeared seemingly out of nowhere, yet showed that Lorenzo Senni's outlander approach to sound design was emerging into a think tank scene of plugged in producers, moving on the same wave lengths to produce new forms of broken down and accelerated electronic music designed for dancefloor deployment.

Fast forward to the present day and Lorenzo Senni is back with his first release in two years, the highly well-executed lasers 'n' all rhythmic trance of Persona. The six tracks build rapidly on the formula laid down on Quantum and the knock out Superimpositions, but where they focused on the minuscule bursts of energy and looped breakdowns of the mid to late 90s and early 00s European trance sound, Senni uses his Warp debut to expand these sections into full length tracks. While they tingle with the eyes rolled back rush of a double drop hitting at peak time, Senni has used the new label platform to create an extended player that catapults the emotions of the very best split-second main lights on hands in the air style raving, liquefying it with a few JP-8000 Supersaw chord progressions throw in and injecting it straight into your spine for an endlessly exciting and highly addictive form of crystalline electronica floor focused rush.

Much like Mumdance and Logos did to grime, SOPHIE did to bubblegum pop and SND did to UKG, Lorenzo Senni is excavating and extracting a style of hard dance music and giving it a valuable new spin that is both futuristic yet reflects the modern times with a deafening intensity sure to move minds and feet alike.

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Lorenzo Senni

Lorenzo Senni

Warp Records

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