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Illum Sphere
Ninja Tune
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November 2016
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Illum Sphere follows up the incredible Second Sight 12" with Glass, a full albums worth of moody electronica that sees the producer moving further away from his roots in the Manchester hip-hop scene and further towards the underground techno current running through his current base city of Berlin.

Glass features nine richly cinematic tracks of hazy soundtrack ambience, much in the same way his richly composed DJ sets draw influence from styles as far reaching as crunchy tape tekno of Helena Hauff and Kassem Mosse to the rarest discoveries of the Finders Keepers imprint, & Harmomic 33's library electro on Glass he shoots it all through a ghosted industrial synth to spawn something like The Detroit Escalator Company sharing his last drink of the night blues, intrigue & stuff with Leyland Kirby.

Having won the affections of Radiohead, Ben UFO and Modeselektor among others, Illum Sphere uses Glass to move away from the more DJ-friendly sound of his recent material and to use the platform to draw up an expansive home/headphone listening session. Music to commute through vast ghettovilles to in the early morning to, whilst you may feel you know the way, surprises lay behind each corner.

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  1. 1 The Journey 4:18 Illum Sphere Buy
  2. 2 Fall Into Water 6:43 Illum Sphere Buy
  3. 3 Red Glass 5:59 Illum Sphere Buy
  4. 4 Wounded 4:18 Illum Sphere Buy
  5. 5 Oracle 4:14 Illum Sphere Buy
  6. 6 Fuel The Fire 5:16 Illum Sphere Buy
  7. 7 River 3:21 Illum Sphere Buy
  8. 8 Thousand Yard Stare 8:45 Illum Sphere Buy
  9. 9 Paradise 5:07 Illum Sphere Buy

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