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Jimi Tenor
Herakles Records
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October 2016

The masterful talents of Jimi Tenor and his Saxophone playing are on full show here. A collection of afro-jazz tracks that reek of sunshine, its music to ease your disease and brighten up the darkest of days. They’re collaborative works with musicians Tenor has both worked with in the past and here for the first time. As is his usual practice, Tenor plays multiple instruments on the record, though it is his Sax playing which takes the spotlight on this record.

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  1. 1 Cap De Creus 0:57 Jimi Tenor
  2. 2 Full House 0:55 Jimi Tenor
  3. 3 My Baby Is Coming 0:57 Jimi Tenor
  4. 4 Vortex   Jimi Tenor
  5. 5 Ursa Major   Jimi Tenor
  6. 6 Baby Pharaoh   Jimi Tenor
  7. 7 Four Corners Of The Earth 0:57 Jimi Tenor
  8. 8 Meridian Of Peace 0:57 Jimi Tenor
  9. 9 Kivinokka 0:58 Jimi Tenor
  10. 10 Magick Of Choice   Jimi Tenor
  11. 11 Peaceful Maelstrom   Jimi Tenor
  12. 12 Polygonal   Jimi Tenor

Jimi Tenor

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