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Burkina Faso : Volume 1 LP
Various Artists
Burkina Faso : Volume 1 LP
Sublime Frequencies
Catalogue Number
Release Date
October 2016

Amazing first entry in the Burkina Faso typtch from Sublime Frequencies.

Sublime Frequencies presents the inaugural volume in a three volume set of contemporary field recordings by Hisham Mayet, recorded in Burkina Faso during three expeditions from 2013-2015.

Volume 1 highlights the sacred and secular music of the regional balafon or xylophone revered by the Lobi people of southwestern Burkina, Faso. In Lobi culture, the balafon performance is not simply music; it is a form of speech that allows master musicians to converse intimately with the living and the dead.

Volume 1 showcases two side-long tracks that are as thrilling as any Burkinabé music ever recorded. These tracks not only echo but also further some of the greatest examples of Western avant-garde music: Imagine the pulsating minimalist motifs of titans like Terry Riley or La Monte Young elaborated into a dizzying maximalism.

  1. 1 Kabare Balafon - Cabaret Music (Djan) (Lobi) Various Artists  
  2. 2 Lobi Balafon - Funeral Music (Lobi) Various Artists  
  3. 3 Burkina Faso Vol 1 - Album Sampler Various Artists 0:33
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