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Yamaneko follows up 2014’s Pixel Wave Embrace with his second full-length on Local Action. The album coincides with the release of his debut EP as half of Yaroze Dream Suite – his new project with Mr. Mitch – and shows the London producer using a broader sound pallet.

Whereas Pixel Wave Embrace was shaped by a glacial feel, Project Nautilus zeroes in on keygen melodies and video game noises. Yamaneko exaggerates this chiptune aesthetic to unsettling effects, best showcased in the form of coin-collecting sounds emerging from Eastern European pattern over a mad techno beat on ‘Rushing the Ice Palace’. Despite the flat-sounding nature of most of these noises, Yamaneko manages to create a unique sense of space in his arrangements – achieved through reverb (on the arpeggiated slow burner ‘Blitter’ are an example) and constantly zooming in and out on their many details (‘Accela Crash’).

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  1. 1 Blemtrails 3:08 Yamaneko Buy
  2. 2 Gala Helipop 3:59 Yamaneko Buy
  3. 3 Loading Bay 3:32 Yamaneko Buy
  4. 4 Accela Crash 3:16 Yamaneko Buy
  5. 5 Elite 3:45 Yamaneko Buy
  6. 6 Pink 3 2:32 Yamaneko Buy
  7. 7 Pixel Wavedash 3:05 Yamaneko Buy
  8. 8 Blitter 4:03 Yamaneko Buy
  9. 9 Rushing the Ice Palace 3:16 Yamaneko Buy
  10. 10 Playing Fields 2:17 Yamaneko Buy


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