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Everywhere At The End Of Time
The Caretaker
Everywhere At The End Of Time
History Always Favours the Winners
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September 2016
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The Caretaker starts his final journey traversing through the endlessly fading path that makes up his to date 17-year life.

Having started out in the South Manchester town of Stockport, and travelling through Berlin before ending the projects days in Krakow, The Caretakers music has endlessly been buried in our collective consciousness, drifting back and forth with releases every few years, each one more captivating than before.

Everywhere At The End Of Time builds upon the daydream like atmosphere of An Empty Bliss... yet there is a heavy sadness to the music that slowly unravels as it goes on, an embedded signal deep in the music that lets us know, this really is the begging of the end.

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  1. 1 It's Just A Burning Memory 2:00 The Caretaker
  2. 2 We Don't Have Many Days 2:00 The Caretaker
  3. 3 Late Afternoon Drifting 2:00 The Caretaker
  4. 4 Childishly Fresh Eyes 2:00 The Caretaker
  5. 5 Slightly Bewildered 1:01 The Caretaker
  6. 6 Things That Are Beautiful & Transient 2:00 The Caretaker
  7. 7 All That Follows Is True 2:00 The Caretaker
  8. 8 An Autumnal Equinox 1:24 The Caretaker
  9. 9 Quiet Internal Rebellions 2:00 The Caretaker
  10. 10 The Loves Of My Entire Life 2:00 The Caretaker
  11. 11 Into Each Others Eyes 2:00 The Caretaker
  12. 12 My Heart Will Stop With Joy 1:20 The Caretaker

The Caretaker

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History Always Favours the Winners

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