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Serpent Music
Yves Tumor
Serpent Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 2016

Based in Turin, the contemporary artist Yves Tumor operates within different fields, with past work in the visual discipline often accompanying his sonic output. For Serpent Music, he presents twelve enigmatic yet strangely inviting pieces for percussion and layered electronic samples. Joining the PAN roster for his debut album, the artist fits right in with the aesthetic that Kouligas has crafted over the years. Championing the challenging, he seems to have a knack for constantly expanding our perceived notions of music, often drawing upon mid-period musique concrete as a unifying reference point. Dense, psychedelic and melancholic, Tumor’s grooves will wriggle their way into your head and stay there, all the while you debate the reason you were listening to anything else beforehand.

  1. 1 Devout Yves Tumor 1:21
  2. 2 The Feeling When You Walk Away Yves Tumor 3:00
  3. 3 Dajjal Yves Tumor 2:57
  4. 4 Role In Creation Yves Tumor 2:11
  5. 5 Serpent I Yves Tumor 2:51
  6. 6 Serpent II Yves Tumor 3:11
  7. 7 Broke In Yves Tumor 4:29
  8. 8 Seed Yves Tumor 7:18
  9. 9 Spirit in Prison Yves Tumor 4:06
  10. 10 Cherish Yves Tumor 2:52
  11. 11 Face of A Demon Yves Tumor 1:37
  12. 12 Perdition Yves Tumor 8:03

Yves Tumor

Yves Tumor


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