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Supersilent AS
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September 23, 2016

Supersilent's new album is an uncanny record in the proper sense. Like some of the tracks on Ambient works 2 by Aphex, or Neptune from Holst's 'The Planets'. The music seems to be coming out of the mist, songs develop and take shape slowly from pulsing atmosphere's so you barely notice when you're listening to a lovely melody.

The music is played on a jazz-like set up of synthesized keyboards and electronics, drums, flute trumpet and electric guitar, but it never sounds like jazz, occupying some netherworld between modern classical, electronic music metal improv and something unknown. It's beautiful and rewarding with moments of oblique strangeness, especially startling when vocals start to appear in the ether towards the end of the album from what seems like a random pitter patter of drum machines.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 8.1 11:11 Buy
  2. 2 8.2 7:40 Buy
  3. 3 8.3 7:54 Buy
  4. 4 8.4 7:16 Buy
  5. 5 8.5 12:12 Buy
  6. 6 8.6 8:43 Buy
  7. 7 8.7 9:17 Buy
  8. 8 8.8 4:03 Buy


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Supersilent AS

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