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Imbalance Computer Music
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Release Date
October 7, 2016


Interesting new album from Robert Henke, one of the leading innovators of dub techno and co-founder of Ableton! In VLSI, Henke channels African rhythms, dubstep, IDM and techno through an impressive range of modular and analogue electronic equipment, a list made quite surprising considering the stark minimalist elements at play. Henke describes the dystopian feel of the album as a very deliberate move, an attempt of his to distill the socioeconomic and political topics that high tech electronics companies often use as motivation and directly link them to the very machines that they manufacture.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Arit (VLSI Version) 5:08 Buy

    Arit (VLSI Version)

  2. 2 Inwards (VLSI Version) 4:37 Buy

    Inwards (VLSI Version)

  3. 3 Crash (VLSI Version) 6:42 Buy

    Crash (VLSI Version)

  4. 4 Logc (VLSI Version) 8:36 Buy

    Logc (VLSI Version)

  5. 5 Geometry Engine (VLSI Version) 8:20 Buy

    Geometry Engine (VLSI Version)

  6. 6 Pio (VLSI Version) 6:07 Buy

    Pio (VLSI Version)

  7. 7 Error (VLSI Version) 4:19 Buy

    Error (VLSI Version)

  8. 8 Dystopia (VLSI Version) 6:09 Buy

    Dystopia (VLSI Version)

  9. 9 Unit (VLSI Version) 6:13 Buy

    Unit (VLSI Version)

  10. 10 Nmos (VLSI Version) 6:09 Buy

    Nmos (VLSI Version)

  11. 11 Glypnir (VLSI Version) 7:51 Buy

    Glypnir (VLSI Version)


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Imbalance Computer Music

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