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California Chrome
Xander Harris
California Chrome
Rock Action Records
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September 2016
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Justin Sweatt pays full-colour homage to the synth on his fifth album under the Buffy the Vampire Slayer moniker. Moving on from the horror of Urban Gothic, Sweatt finds inspiration in the dystopian cities and suburbia of John Carpenter, Goblin and Angelo Badalamenti. The album veers between the chugging italo kraut of 'Buckle Bunny' and 'The Scarlet Deception' and the more ominous 'Predator States' and 'Dirts'. On first glance, it seems a strange choice for Rock Action, but Sweatt deftly treads the line between referential and naff, drawing the listener in with arpeggios, heavy bass and grainy, analogue beats which are then twisted and layered to create an often unsettling cinematic soundscape that chimes with the work of Coil, Chris and Cosey and Nurse with Wound.

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  1. 1 The Scarlet Deception 6:03 Xander Harris Buy
  2. 2 Straight Up Satan 4:16 Xander Harris Buy
  3. 3 Basilisk Stare 3:36 Xander Harris Buy
  4. 4 The Eye in the Triangle 6:07 Xander Harris Buy
  5. 5 Predator State 7:12 Xander Harris Buy
  6. 6 Nervous Serpents 4:10 Xander Harris Buy
  7. 7 Buckle Bunny 4:21 Xander Harris Buy
  8. 8 Dirts 4:31 Xander Harris Buy

Xander Harris

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