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So entitled as to represent all the mistakes/accidents we so often encounter as lefties in this world of everyday tools and machines designed for those right handed folk, Lefhanded Fuqs is the second in the triptych of albums-not-albums from the venerable Icelander, Bjarki. And the reason they’re not strictly albums, is that all the tracks chosen have simply been extracted from the producer’s ever expanding hard drive and placed together. They weren’t made with the concept of an album in mind, yet the consistency of Bjarki’s overall style equates to a feeling of oneness.

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  1. 1 Fimm Atta Atta Fimm Fimm Tveir Tveir (Original Mix) 3:54 Bjarki Buy
  2. 2 Lefhanded Fuqs (Original Mix) 7:05 Bjarki Buy
  3. 3 +4531704090 2 (Original Mix) 3:58 Bjarki Buy
  4. 4 2366262lhkjdgh.aif (Original Mix) 4:56 Bjarki Buy
  5. 5 AFLKILL (Original Mix) 5:22 Bjarki Buy
  6. 6 EL (Original Mix) 5:19 Bjarki Buy
  7. 7 Ghentleman Render 2 (Original Mix) 6:13 Bjarki Buy
  8. 8 Gory Ryebread (Original Mix) 5:00 Bjarki Buy
  9. 9 Thumb (Original Mix) 3:45 Bjarki Buy
  10. 10 Fkakafsnow Tromma 2012 (Original Mix) 9:04 Bjarki Buy
  11. 11 Basketball Smile (Bbbbbb mix) 6:23 Bjarki Buy
  12. 12 YYKYE (Original Mix) 3:20 Bjarki Buy


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