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October 10, 2016


Stunning collection of braindance tronics from Dave Monolith, shortening it to MNLTH for his first long player to be given the wax treatment following his Rephlex album Welcome and a stunning 12" for CPU.

Composed of digital only tracks released via his Bandcamp and a whole host of other unreleased acidic jams, Trax is an album that works equally well on the 'floor as it does in the cans on the way to work. Cut across three super loud discs and released on WeMe, a label famed for its releases by DJ Stingray, Global Goon and Leyland Kirby's V/vm project (as well as a lesser known LP by The Caretaker!) MNLTH's music slots perfectly into the electro-techno framework these artists have laid out across the imprints unique and instantly recognizable catalogue.

Each track brims with the melodic focus of analogue machinery atwork, ever-rotating and rolling out jams that come together to make a very succinct techno LP. The scope of the styles on show, while it tailors to a very succinct sound adds a huge amount of weight to the record, with MNLTH delving into raw, rave trax on Fairground which comes off like Bicep remixing Bochum Welt, or the Steinvord axis of Dimflux through the Lovers Acid meets Analord apex of ERtha. This is no doubt a classic braindance LP in the making, one to be held up next to Weird Things, Chosen Lords & Innovation in the Dynamics of Acid.

On Trax, MNLTH shows that he is riding high on the second tier of pioneers of the acidic groove, alongside recent drops from Datach'i, Echo 106, Phono Ghosts and the forthcoming Arcola from Doubtful Guest, this is a new wave of an old sound that we all fell for first time around on the classics released by Warp, Skam, Mu & Rephlex. A sound that originated in the mid 80's in Chicago but still today, sounds like the Phuture.

  1. 1 Lemon In Square 1:51
  2. 2 Jamtrax 1:53
  3. 3 Phlex 1000 1:53
  4. 4 SUzANnalog80e 0:55
  5. 5 Dimflux 1:55
  6. 6 ERtha 0:55
  7. 7 January 1:55
  8. 8 T-Ka 1:55
  9. 9 Parpy (Funkasnaps120mix) 1:47
  10. 10 Rocky Dog 1:55
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