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Virgo Moon
Your Planet Is Next
Virgo Moon
Opal Tapes
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September 2016
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Released as part of a seven-at-once onslaught of new Opal Tapes related gear, Virgo Moon is a nine track album of crazed and offbeat lo-fi experiments. Tracks like ‘Ye Olde MT240’ almost sounding like a modern, electronic take on the self-titled Mkwaju Ensemble album. Similarities aren’t so easy to highlight here, but the DIY punk approach to sonics that Unit Moebius championed is just as evident as an influence as the early Rephlex material. Despite the sheer volume of music that Stephen Bishop has presented to the world through his imprint, he still manages to find attention grabbing and interesting projects to this day.

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  1. 1 Hello 3:09 Your Planet Is Next Buy
  2. 2 Ghosty's Dream 0:53 Your Planet Is Next Buy
  3. 3 Ye Olde MT-240 4:03 Your Planet Is Next Buy
  4. 4 Super 8 5:41 Your Planet Is Next Buy
  5. 5 Raindrops 4:35 Your Planet Is Next Buy
  6. 6 Re-Fridgerator 5:14 Your Planet Is Next Buy
  7. 7 Kontroll 6:04 Your Planet Is Next Buy
  8. 8 Last Of LDB-1 1:57 Your Planet Is Next Buy
  9. 9 YPINIZM 3:49 Your Planet Is Next Buy

Your Planet Is Next

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