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Housebound Demigod
Housebound Demigod
Modern Love
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September 2016
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Pendle Coven collaborator and Hate affiliate Gary Howell drops a full length album for the 103rd (wow!) release on Modern Love. Using a budget Boss drum machine, a ‘battered’ guitar and an assortment of pedals, Howell crafts eight tracks very much in the vein of Andy Stott’s slow and brooding dark electronica. None of the compositions here are in any hurry, yet are executed with a calculated precision which assures his intent. ‘Yorkshire Fog’ is perhaps the odd one out, sounding like a warped grime track rolling along with a metronome, with regional vocal snippets adding an element of slight humour. Singular, fascinating and recommended to anyone who follows the extended Demdike crew!

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  1. 1 Screamin Demon Pickups 5:56 G.H. Buy
  2. 2 Mickey Cosmos 5:55 G.H. Buy
  3. 3 Packhorse 2:36 G.H. Buy
  4. 4 Angels and Doormen 2:36 G.H. Buy
  5. 5 Yorkshire Fog 6:30 G.H. Buy
  6. 6 Bikini 1:25 G.H. Buy
  7. 7 Devils Bit Scabious 6:18 G.H. Buy
  8. 8 Housebound Demigod 15:53 G.H. Buy

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