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$uccessor (ded004)
Dedekind Cut
$uccessor (ded004)
NON Worldwide / Hospital Productions
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November 2016
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Fred Warmsley, formerly known as Lee Bannon and ¬ b, further advances his artistic transformation, releasing his first full-length under the Dedekind Cut moniker. Launched in November 2015 with the American Zen EP on Ninja Tune, the alias marks a definite shift for the former Pro Era member and Joey Bada$$ collaborator. His recent productions sit comfortably within the realm of experimental ambient electronic music, yet stand out on account of a glacial aesthetics. Warmsley uses both hollow vocal-style and sawtooth synths as much as mutated, irregular percussion, evoking associations with the instrumental grime movement, previously showcased on his Ninja Tune collab with Rabit. $uccessor however rather fits in somewhere between Arca's mind bending sound sculptures, the vocal narratives of OPN's R Plus Seven, and the futuristic digital atmosphere of Lee Gamble's sonic 3D renderings (Koch).

On '46:50', the choral synths add another layer to the cinematic, coarsely textured harmonics, breaking their immaculate melancholy. In similar fashion, the gentle, elaborate abstract soundscapes are often pierced by percussive noises drilling into our conscience: It is those engaging disruptions that define his arrangements, which take full effect in their entirety - courtesy of the album format.

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  1. 1 Descend From Now 2:47 Dedekind Cut Buy
  2. 2 Instinct 4:02 Dedekind Cut Buy
  3. 3 Conversations With Angels (feat. DJ Shadow & Chino Amobi) 8:33 Dedekind Cut Buy
  4. 4 Fear In Reverse 4:26 Dedekind Cut Buy
  5. 5 Maxine 4:14 Dedekind Cut Buy
  6. 6 ? 5:01 Dedekind Cut Buy
  7. 7 5ucc3550r 4:06 Dedekind Cut Buy
  8. 8 Integra 4:24 Dedekind Cut Buy
  9. 9 46:50 (feat. Active Child) 3:56 Dedekind Cut Buy

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