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  • Vinyl, Album Bundle

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    • 7" Yellow fungi flexi-disc audio book
    • 20 page full colour field booklet
    • 10min DVD Documentary by Filmmakers Billy Bolton & Joe Wilson
    • Download code redeemable from the label
    • Housed in glassine bag
    • PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of flexi-disc production the finished sound on this run has turned out with surface noise on one side. The digital tracks do not contain this.

Starting the Somerset chapter of the label, head Folklore Tapes researchers David Chatton Barker & Ian Humberstone have enlisted regular Folklore contributor Sam McLoughlin to help them in their quest to unearth the mysteries buried within The Lost Village of Clicket.

Following recent excursions into the mystic world of stone circles, black dog traditions, rituals & practices, with SFTV1 delves into the murky world surrounding the lost village of Clicket. Using an array of kitchen sink instruments, a post-punk ethos and an avant-garde edge schooled from self taught musicianship they have rustled up a stark and mysterious release that perfectly carries the mystique of the legend it's based upon to a wider audience.

Coming pressed onto a seven-inch flexi-disc, and accompanied by a sixteen-page pamphlet and nine-minute film. The trio's explorations are perfectly captured here as a document that is designed to carry forth the sounds and sights of water harps voiced by the Chernet River; spectre-loops wrapped around trees and buildings, spat out from broken tape-players; nightly gyroscopic light-shows atop the old Clicket Mill; and the animal-shrieks of amplified vines.

It's releases like this that act as a reminder for how crucial as a label, Folklore Tapes is culturally. Delicately composed and beautifully pieced together artefacts that educate and aluminate the lost legends of English folklore.

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  1. 1 The Lost Village Of Clicket 3:22 Sam McLoughlin / Ian Humberstone / David Chatton Barker

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