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Legendary ambient production sphere The Orb circulate back into the limelight with their fourteenth (count em!) album; COW / Chill Out, World! Described as their most ambient LP yet and peppered with all the classic sounds of the early 90's electronica, a scene in which they rose to fame.

Moving hard back into the realms of sampledelia, COW / Chill Out, World! is the Orb album that those of us who lost our minds in Battersea power station back in 93' have been waiting for. In recent years they have expanded the huge ever-growing pulsating brain to incorporate collabs with Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Pink Floyd's David Gilmour, but it's here that they take a deep draw on what they were toking back in the group/collective/being's earliest acid house stage. Being composed of ten tracks, the tracks on COW / Chill Out, World! blend into one long mix, whose passage of time manages to stretch onwards whilst remaining completely still. Throwing everything into the mix from dub, sitars, kosmiche star-spangled synths and a hot boxed back room of an early Oakenfold party.

Now, there is bound to be a lot of speculation and mutterings with regards to the title and the content being a sort of update on the KLF's mesmerising Chill Out, but the journey here is more into the abstract and unknown avenues in the back of your mind, than the fictional train journey through the deep south Drummond and Cauty imagined in the basement of Cauty's Stockwell squat. Chill Out, World! sets its sights to travel the final distance towards Babylon and ting, the journey they started in 92 at London Weekend Television.

An epic album in every sense of the world and continuing to push the lineage of outer reaches electronic music to feed your mind, and will appeal to anyone with a thirst for Tangerine Dream, Analogue Bubblebath, Mixmaster Morris DJ sets, early 90s E-induced burnout.

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  1. 1 First (Consider The Lillies) 7:00 The Orb Buy
  2. 2 Wireless MK2 5:41 The Orb Buy
  3. 3 Siren 33 (Orphee Mirror) 2:49 The Orb Buy
  4. 4 4am Exhale (Chill Out World!) 6:03 The Orb Buy
  5. 5 5th Dimensions 5:15 The Orb Buy
  6. 6 Sex (Panoramic Sex Heal) 1:39 The Orb Buy
  7. 7 7 Oaks 2:20 The Orb Buy
  8. 8 Just Because I Really Really Luv Ya 4:22 The Orb Buy
  9. 9 9 elms over river eno (channel 9) 4:05 The Orb Buy
  10. 10 The 10 Sultans Of Rudyard (Moo Moo Mix) 3:58 The Orb Buy

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