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Rian Treanor
Pattern Damage
The Death Of Rave
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September 2, 2016


Following his debut almost a year ago, Rian Treanor makes an eagerly awaited return to the fold with the four tracker of future-shock electronica, Pattern Damage.

Where his debut moved elements of UKG and footwork into a MaxMSP sonic wormhole, Pattern Damage does the same with dub techno, noise and more oblique graph electro. Opener Pattern A1 takes a slick diamond back texture of grinding synth tones that add machinegun like shots through the middle to devastating future-gabba effect. Pattern A2 moves into more minimalist zones, rolling a strong chain reaction dub swerve to the tight geometry that holds it together. The Damage tracks move into more Senni styles that represent the sounds we imagine a meeting of minds like Jam City and Autechre making zero-gravity trance would spill forth.

Pattern Damage splices the DNA of early Warp techno, Diff Circles and G.T.K. & MC. Stone instrumentals to devastating effect and is an essential check for anyone into the above.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Pattern A1 4:59 Buy
  2. 2 Pattern A2 4:55 Buy
  3. 3 Damage B1 6:02 Buy
  4. 4 Damage B2 3:30 Buy

Rian Treanor

The Death Of Rave

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