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Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence OST
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence OST
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October 2016
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Utterly captivating soundtrack to the 1983 film of the same name, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence starring David Bowie.

Ryuichi Sakamoto is built up from elements of traditional Japanese music with an added dose of experimental electronics for good measure. Not being familiar with the film, the soundtrack truly stands out on its own as an album. Haunting stairways of sound and long corridors and electronic passages create a vast maze to wonder while the music slowly unwinds. Much like Vangelis's Blade Runner score it's an incredibly visually compelling score and well worth spending some time in the company of.

A true cult classic.

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  1. 1 Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence 0:30 Ryuichi Sakamoto
  2. 2 Batavia   Ryuichi Sakamoto
  3. 3 Germination 0:30 Ryuichi Sakamoto
  4. 4 A Hearty Breakfast   Ryuichi Sakamoto
  5. 5 Before The War 0:30 Ryuichi Sakamoto
  6. 6 The Seed & The Sower   Ryuichi Sakamoto
  7. 7 A Brief Encounter   Ryuichi Sakamoto
  8. 8 Ride, Ride, Ride (Cellier's Brother's Song) 0:30 Ryuichi Sakamoto
  9. 9 The Fight   Ryuichi Sakamoto
  10. 10 Father Christmas 0:30 Ryuichi Sakamoto
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Ryuichi Sakamoto



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