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Hangin' At The Beach
Delroy Edwards
Hangin' At The Beach
L.A. Club Resource
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August 2016
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The one-time A1 records employee and former colleague of L.I.E.S boss Ron Morelli has done well in building up his own small empire since his 4 Club Use Only debut back in 2012. Putting out both his own music and the music of others via his L.A Club Resource label, for their latest release Edwards presents this sprawling thirty-tracker filled with lo-fi hip hop instrumentals, slowed down machine funk and suffocating ambient interludes. It’s got all the unmistakable characteristics of his previous work but still somehow keeps things interesting, with playful melancholy cuts like ‘I Love Sloan’ sitting beside whacked out noise skits complete with bonus police radio samples.

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  1. 1 H.A.T.B. 2:13 Delroy Edwards Buy
  2. 2 My Promise 1:35 Delroy Edwards Buy
  3. 3 Nervous Breakdown 1:18 Delroy Edwards Buy
  4. 4 Looking For A Fight 1:27 Delroy Edwards Buy
  5. 5 Safe Places, Pt. 1 1:06 Delroy Edwards Buy
  6. 6 Trigger Kids 1:25 Delroy Edwards Buy
  7. 7 I Love Sloane 1:16 Delroy Edwards Buy
  8. 8 Wild Animal 1:50 Delroy Edwards Buy
  9. 9 Bad Behavior 1:15 Delroy Edwards Buy
  10. 10 Brothers In Arms 1:54 Delroy Edwards Buy
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