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Crooked Man
Crooked Man
Crooked Man
DFA Records
Catalogue Number
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September 2016
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Crooked Man, the pseudonym of Richard Barrat aka DJ Parrot, who was part of Warp's Sweet Exorcist, a collaboration with Cabaret Voltaire's Richard H Kirk, comes back with an album for DFA, full of the kind of music you’d expect from someone two decades his junior. The sentiment, “You never lose it” is certainly apt here. ‘The Girl with Better Clothes’ has already been making the rounds on the internet and it’s a worthy single, though the album is full of great songs you could imagine coming through your radio or bursting out the speakers in a dark club. Utility music at its finest.

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  1. 1 Coming Up For Air 6:45 Crooked Man Buy
  2. 2 This Machine (Kills Me) 4:25 Crooked Man Buy
  3. 3 The Girl With Better Clothes 3:39 Crooked Man Buy
  4. 4 Scum (Always Rises to the Top) 8:21 Crooked Man Buy
  5. 5 Preset 5:25 Crooked Man Buy
  6. 6 Fools And Fanatics 6:02 Crooked Man Buy
  7. 7 Try Me 6:34 Crooked Man Buy
  8. 8 I'll Be Loving You 6:25 Crooked Man Buy
  9. 9 Happiness 9:08 Crooked Man Buy
  10. 10 Preset (Luke Solomon Live Revisions) 7:45 Crooked Man Buy
  11. 11 This Machine (Kills Me) [Luke Solomon's 8 Minutes Of Funk Mix] 8:03 Crooked Man Buy

Crooked Man

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