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Glasz E.P.
Lanark Artefax
Glasz E.P.
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July 2016
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Lee Gamble has scouted fresh talent for his UIQ label: the imprint’s fourth release comes from 22 year old Glaswegian Lanark Artefax who debuts with the Glasz EP. Very much in style with Gamble’s geometrical galaxy of converted club sounds, the EP works as a vortex of frantic, staccato rhythms. Despite their fragmented, thinly layered nature, they have powerful magnetic effects. The aptly titled opener ‘All That Is Solid Melts Into Air’ emerges in the form of electric shocks and convulsing robotic insects. And while the sharp snares and warped, wavering synths of the title track may exemplify Glasz’ sonic identity, the stuttering structures of ‘Virtual Bodies’ can be seen as Lanark Artefax' closing reconciliation with melody.

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  1. 1 All That Is Solid Melts Into Air 2:26 Lanark Artefax Buy
  2. 2 Remainder I 4:28 Lanark Artefax Buy
  3. 3 Glasz 5:48 Lanark Artefax Buy
  4. 4 Phase (s_h_i_f_t) 3:10 Lanark Artefax Buy
  5. 5 Virtual Bodies 3:18 Lanark Artefax Buy

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