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Mickey Pearce
Swamp 81
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July 2016
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Having already road tested the accompanying live show at Swamp 81 nights across Europe the last few months, those of you lucky enough to attend will have already experienced the shifting style of the beats and bleeps that make up Mickey Pearce’s debut album, Michael. Created in a three-week window back in summer ’15, the album is more spacious, less menacing and tackles emotions we’re not generally accustomed to experiencing from monsieur Pearce, who feels he hasn’t made music like it before or since. Following a pronounced arc, it’s a piece that demands listening in its entirety.

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  1. 1 Interlude One 1:00 Mickey Pearce
  2. 2 Why Would You? 1:00 Mickey Pearce
  3. 3 Polyester 1:00 Mickey Pearce
  4. 4 Interlude Three 1:00 Mickey Pearce
  5. 5 Cakes 1:00 Mickey Pearce
  6. 6 August 1:00 Mickey Pearce
  7. 7 Quite (Bonus Beats)   Mickey Pearce
  8. 8 Lately   Mickey Pearce
  9. 9 Interlude Two   Mickey Pearce
  10. 10 Old Habits   Mickey Pearce
  11. 11 Less   Mickey Pearce

Mickey Pearce

Swamp 81


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