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Meridian Brothers
El Advenimiento del Castillo Mujer
Catalogue Number
Release Date
August 19, 2016


Unique, other-worldly and highly intriguing are three terms which could be used to describe this debut release from the Colombian group Meridian Brothers. If you can imagine the southern American mystique of Eblen Macari or Jorge Reyes paired with the wacked out homemade wizardry of Paddy Steer then you’re about as close as we can get to describing this album. Minus the vocals. With a primary focus on experimental rhythm and texture, Eblis Alvarez describes his process of leading the group as being one which embraces unusual approaches to playing ones instrument, championing ‘small noises and deformed melodies’ over preconceived formalities.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 La Industria Del Deporte 4:09 Buy

    La Industria Del Deporte

  2. 2 Canción Del Moderno Templario 4:27 Buy

    Canción Del Moderno Templario

  3. 3 El Cantinero Experimental 5:41 Buy

    El Cantinero Experimental

  4. 4 El Ojo De La Princesa 3:29 Buy

    El Ojo De La Princesa

  5. 5 Jornada Nacional Contra La Utilización De Antídotos 4:14 Buy

    Jornada Nacional Contra La Utilización De Antídotos

  6. 6 Canción De Invierno 5:38 Buy

    Canción De Invierno

  7. 7 El Enamorada 4:33 Buy
  8. 8 Me Llaman Cumbiambera Adolorida 7:14 Buy

    Me Llaman Cumbiambera Adolorida

  9. 9 Coplas Pa' Cantar Al Artadecer 5:29 Buy

    Coplas Pa' Cantar Al Artadecer

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