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October 7, 2016

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Goat is the adopted moniker of a mysterious ensemble that has been expertly channelling the darkest off-the-wall psych rock we’ve never heard since they released their debut album World Music back in 2012. Despite sounding distinctly influenced by said Southern American ritualistic lore (say the likes of Grupo Raizes eponymous 1974 LP), the band are in fact based over in Sweden – with occasional jazz fusion moments such as ‘Goodbye’ recalling the same dream like atmospheres fellow countrymen Thomas Almqvist or Ralph Lundsten wove thirty years previously. Nature sounds, spirit-summoning vocal wails, distorted guitar tones and fast-moving hand percussion join forces to transport anybody lucky enough to hear Requiem into the very heart of the imagined world these Scandinavian mavericks have made for themselves.

Inspired flashes of late 60s Taiwanese surf-pop are juxtaposed with introductory skits of what sound like faraway temple chants - the marantz recorder buried miles beneath the forest floor... (‘Trouble in the Streets’ and ‘Psychedelic Lover’ respectively). Whether previously familiar with Goat or not, these thirteen new tracks will appeal to anyone who finds comfort in the other-worldly and transformative qualities that certain kinds of music can provide. Seasoned acid archives contributors, Jorge Reyes obsessives and casual Pink Floyd fans alike will find something special in this!

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Djôrôlen / Union of Sun and Moon 4:18 Buy

    Djôrôlen / Union of Sun and Moon

  2. 2 I Sing in Silence 4:14 Buy

    I Sing in Silence

  3. 3 Temple Rhythms 4:18 Buy

    Temple Rhythms

  4. 4 Alarms 2:54 Buy


  5. 5 Trouble in the Streets 4:20 Buy

    Trouble in the Streets

  6. 6 Psychedelic Lover 3:56 Buy

    Psychedelic Lover

  7. 7 Goatband 7:50 Buy


  8. 8 Try My Robe 3:30 Buy

    Try My Robe

  9. 9 It's Not Me 3:20 Buy

    It's Not Me

  10. 10 All-seeing Eye 2:42 Buy

    All-seeing Eye

  11. 11 Goatfuzz 6:56 Buy


  12. 12 Goodbye 7:54 Buy


  13. 13 Ubuntu 7:07 Buy


Track List

Vinyl 1LP
01 Djôrôlen / Union Of Sun And Moon
02 I Sing In Silence
03 Temple Rhythms
04 Alarms 05 Trouble In The Streets
06 Psychedelic Lover
07 Try My Robe
08 It's Not Me
09 All-Seeing Eye
10 Goatfuzz


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