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Yeah You
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July 2016
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Father and daughter budget hardware improv duo debut on London/Berlin based experimental label Slip. We were lucky enough to witness a live collaboration with these guys and New York rapper Sensational at Counterflows festival earlier this year, and have been fans since. Imagine a mixture of Social Climbers and Ras G but with a strong undercurrent of circuit bending noise and you’ll be a little closer to grasping what these guys are trying to do.

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  1. 1 {_ChildrenPowerState_=0 3:47 Yeah You Buy
  2. 2 Command Pool 6:10 Yeah You Buy
  3. 3 (Platform) QuiesceAction 8:20 Yeah You Buy
  4. 4 childproxypowerstate 5:32 Yeah You Buy
  5. 5 ReamUser 9:24 Yeah You Buy
  6. 6 i, catalysed 9:00 Yeah You Buy

Yeah You


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