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Zomby x Burial
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July 29, 2016


Zomby meets Burial down the deepest South London boroughs for what amounts to be one of the most anticipated tracks of 2016. Skinning up a zoot of Zomby's ice out junglist grime with Burial's mournful UKG locked on rollers, Sweetz is a sure shot winner that mixes the best of both elusive Hyperdub cohorts trademark styles.

Opening with a strong blast of weed smoke, a looped vocal vocal lick rotates an endless chorus of 'get me fucked up, get me fucked up' before fading into the oblivion, emerging in and out of the track, it starts to echo through at intervals to the end, sounding like the first step of the night towards the panic-stricken end blow of the early 90's panic attack jungle tracks produced by Subnation, Remarc and Johnny Jungle. If true, a fitting tribute from two artists who have worn their love for the sound on their sleeves. Possibly following the samples demand, they shake and spark a running on empty clipper lighter against a two player run on Metal Gear Solid, Solid Snake's weapon reloads finishing the drum break while a layer of crackle signature to Burials sound cloaks the track's whole being.

Most fitting of all is Sweetz revisiting of the angel like sampled dialogue of Untrue, a woman's vocal repeats 'my whole life' at random intervals from the beginning to the end. A fitting sample considering for a lot of you this record is gonna be exactly that.

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