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A Soul Thing
Silicone Soul
A Soul Thing
Soma Records
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August 2016
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Initially released at the turn of the millenium, this latin infused album from the prolific Glaswegian duo Silicone Soul is again seeing the light via the reputable Scottish outpost, Soma. Its music fit for pre-drinks before a big night on the tiles or a more upbeat after hours session. ‘Nosferatu’ is not as menacing as the title may imply, though the heavily FX’d vocals add a taste of the weird, while the rumbling bass gives it some real power.

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  1. 1 Chic-O-Laa 7:27 Silicone Soul Buy
  2. 2 The All Nite Dub 5:47 Silicone Soul Buy
  3. 3 This Is the Sound! 5:27 Silicone Soul Buy
  4. 4 Have U Seen My Baby? 5:53 Silicone Soul Buy
  5. 5 Mong the Merciless 4:08 Silicone Soul Buy
  6. 6 The Answer 6:59 Silicone Soul Buy
  7. 7 Nosferatu 6:20 Silicone Soul Buy
  8. 8 I Need An Angel 5:41 Silicone Soul Buy
  9. 9 Sundance 6:34 Silicone Soul Buy
  10. 10 The Strip 4:31 Silicone Soul Buy
  11. 11 Understanding 5:44 Silicone Soul Buy
  12. 12 Right On 4 Tha Darkness 6:20 Silicone Soul Buy

Silicone Soul

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