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Iannis Xenakis
La Legende D'Eer
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Release Date
July 15, 2016


The half Greek half French composer Xenakis was perhaps most widely known for his work with electroacoustic and musique concrete techniques, recording scores for Philips highly regarded 21e Siècle series. For the second addition to their Perihel series, Karlrecords present the long lost original 8 track recordings of ‘La Légende D'Eer’, an assembly of work that utilises for the first time Xenakis’s stochastic synthesis methodology. Mixed to stereo and mastered by Martin Wurmnest and Rashad Becker respectively, with all intention of preserving the original sonic spatiality and fidelity of the recordings. For fans of Bernard Parmegiani and Pierre Schaeffer!

Digital Track List

  1. 1 La Legende d'Eer, Pt. 1 Iannis Xenakis 6:49 Buy
  2. 2 La Legende d'Eer, Pt. 2 Iannis Xenakis 5:06 Buy
  3. 3 La Legende d'Eer, Pt. 3 Iannis Xenakis 5:00 Buy
  4. 4 La Legende d'Eer, Pt. 4 Iannis Xenakis 6:10 Buy
  5. 5 La Legende d'Eer, Pt. 5 Iannis Xenakis 5:28 Buy
  6. 6 La Legende d'Eer, Pt. 6 Iannis Xenakis 5:56 Buy
  7. 7 La Legende d'Eer, Pt. 7 Iannis Xenakis 6:19 Buy
  8. 8 La Legende d'Eer, Pt. 8 Iannis Xenakis 5:19 Buy

Iannis Xenakis


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